Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy Legacy

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About Us


Experienced Breeder

Cheetara Abyssinians was established in 1985 and has established a stellar reputation for healthy, long-lived, affectionate, beautiful Abyssinian cats ever since.  We do not mass-produce cats and do not raise our kittens or cats in cages.  Always active in breed rescue, giving back to our breed is priority. 


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We care about longevity and health of the breed. Our breeding lines are genetically tested for PRA & PKD. I rely on my experience and knowledge to breed away from the possiblility of RA, since there is no genetic test for this issue.  With 25 years of veterinary experience, we pride ourselves in having a household of healthy cats. We do not send kittens home who have been exposed to ringworm, intestinal parasites or upper respiratory disease. Our cats are fed grain-free, premium diet consisting of commercial raw food, grain-free canned and free-choice grain free dry to snack on between meals. 


A Furever Friend

Exceptional personalities are our hallmark. Part of the secret is to time your litters so there is plenty of time to hold and love each kitten.  My kittens are born in my bedroom and come to bed for cuddles every single day. 

When they’re old enough, the kittens can integrate into our healthy household so they can learn to get along with other cats, our doggie mascot and learn about everyday household sounds, sights and new people. 

Every breeding has been planned to produce Abyssinians with fantastic temperaments: fearless, friendly, inquisitive and loving. 

Always remember your Abyssinian is going to be healthy and brilliant, and as such, needs lots of interaction and stimulation.  When choosing a pet, remember Abyssinians don’t thrive being left alone long periods of time.

Small apartment living isn’t ideal unless You provide a climbing tree in a sunny window, daily play time, toys and interactive stimulation toys and activities.  Abyssinians do eventually settle into lap cats as they grow older, but are energetic and inquisitive when young,

so prefer active play time to quiet cuddle time. 

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

Cheetara Abyssinian Cats

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